Posted by: Matt Tindal | April 4, 2010

India to Marry Pakistan

Controversy was ignited in South Asia, when famous Indian tennis player Sania Mirza announced her engagement to top Pakistani cricket player, Shoaib Malik.  The political relationship between India and Pakistan remains tense, following the terrorist attack on Mumbai.  Seperated into different countries in 1947 in order to segregate Muslims and Hindus, India and Pakistan have since fought 3 seperate wars, and both continue to claim the hottly contested Kasmir region.  Sania and Shoaib made clear they are making no political statement of their marriage,

Sania and Shoaib

“It’s a simple matter. We are getting married. We are very, very happy and our families are very happy.”
The announcement of their marriage caused quite a stir, sparking mass protests in rural India, where it is still not unheard of for couples to be killed for attempting to marry outside of their caste (let alone country).  The Personal Adds of the Hindustan Times are full of people looking to marry “only of specific caste.”  Despite the anger their marriage announcement created in parts of the country, Sania and Shoaib recieved throngs of support from major media, who see their personal story as a possible way to ease tensions between the two nations. 
Posted by: Matt Tindal | April 1, 2010

Opposites Attract

They just do.  I didn’t make it up.